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  • We are all human and here is a human element and the evolution of myself over the last few years.

    Embrace change!

    I am Dennis Walker and this is part of my journey.


    I have had many titles and identities throughout my lifetime. Son, veteran and father are the simple ones. I have been an engineer, pastoral intern, musician, learner, traveler, sailor, entrepreneur, business owner, realtor, yacht broker and life coach. Those are all easily found. Some of what you don't see are much more valuable. I was a smoker for 34 years, turned non smoker; non reader, turned reader. I identified as an overachiever, over-thinker, broken mess always looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.
    I grew up in San Diego, California, surfing, snowboarding and riding motorcycles in the desert. I spent my late teens and early 20's in the Navy, while being aboard 5 different aircraft carriers and a destroyer in the field of aviation and electronics. That knowledge propelled me into an career as a field service engineer, in the radiation oncology field. I worked on cancer treatment systems and high powered x-ray systems, allowing me to travel all to every state and over many parts of the world, experiencing many different cultures. Before moving to Florida in 2008, I had lived in 12 different states.
    In 2016, I became licensed in real estate. I created a real estate team and opened an office 2 years later. I held the roles of local president, state district vice president and state governor for women’s council of realtors, while chairing multiple committees at the local real estate board. I achieved many accolades and awards within the realm of real estate.
    In 2020, I co-founded Sunshine Cruising Yachts with Melanie Neale and bought a Mayflower 48 sailboat. I found my niche of real estate and marketing made an easy transition to selling yachts in the marine industry. Living on a boat didn't hurt either! I became an avid sailor and enjoyed doing deliveries with other captains on many different types of boats. Inadvertently, I followed the footsteps of my mother, who spent years cruising her sailboat throughout the South Pacific and California coast.
    In 2019, after battling some personal issues, I found myself in therapy. From that experience I got diagnosed with Aspergers. It completely shattered my world, while also making sense of it all. I didn't know what emotional maturity was, had next to no self awareness, didn't understand self care. I was given the opportunity to change or stay the same. I was able to release the myriad of guilt and shame that has been accumulated throughout the years, almost instantaneous. undefined
    2023 was the year of action. I had spent way too long getting ready to coach. Years of knowledge, growth and desire was stalled, based on my own fears. Breaking down barriers, growing out of the comfort zone will always be part of everyones process and journey. Choice and accountability are what keep us on the other side of our purpose. Are you ready to choose differently?


    Below you will see the outward changes of the person you will come to know, Dennis Walker.
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